Snow Goose Migration Spectacle at Middle Creek WMA

Kelley NunnRecovery Big Year

Zillions Upon Zillions of Snow Geese at Middle Creek WMA, PA

So. Many. Geese! And An Awesome Recovery Milestone

After driving myself to my 7 biofeedback therapy appointments in Philadelphia, which is over an hour from my house, I recently came to the realization that I can drive myself an hour away from home to go birding! Last weekend, I decided to (unsuccessfully) chase a Tufted Duck down in Cecil/Harford County Maryland by myself (!) and ended up having an absolute blast birding all around the Susquehanna River Outlet.

This week, I had set my sights on witnessing the annual Snow Goose migration spectacle at Middle Creek WMA in Lancaster/Lebanon PA. With warm, 60-70 degree temperatures forecasted for the week, I wanted to catch the spectacle before the estimated 50,000 Snow Geese at the lake left to continue their journey to Canada. At an hour and a half away from home, the drive was a bit of a stretch, but I wanted it. I wanted to be able to take myself there! Despite feeling incredibly sound and light sensitive, I was able to push through and drive myself, and my sister Kristen, to Middle Creek this afternoon! Today’s trip brings me to 142 species so far, finally more than half way to my goal of 275 for the year! I feel so so SO proud of myself for being able to make the drive there and back, and for finally reaching such an awesome recovery milestone.

Pictures from Today’s Recovery Big Year Trip

At Middle Creek, we were treated to amazing, close-up looks at an enormous flock of many thousands of Snow Geese. Below, you’ll find some of my favorite pictures from the day. Plus, there are two videos of the incredible, jaw-dropping, simultaneous liftoff of all 25,000 or so geese at one time.