VEDA’s Balance Awareness Week: September 14-20, 2015

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The Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA)

When I was first diagnVestibular Disorders Associationosed with vestibular migraine (VM), I felt wildly overwhelmed and confused about what the condition was, why I had it, and how I was supposed to treat it; before that day, I had never even heard of VM! In the first few days after my diagnosis, I performed a simple Google search for ‘vestibular migraine,’ and came across the Vestibular Disorders Association’s webpage on VM, which answered many of my questions and put my mind at ease. I couldn’t believe it– on the webpage, they even had a video of a young girl who was, like me, confined to a wheelchair and completely disabled by her symptoms. Confidence in the VM diagnosis slowly started to replace the skepticism I had felt. Finally, the last few years of my life were starting to make sense as I began to connect the dots between symptoms, triggers, and lifestyle.

Because of this positive effect that VEDA had on my recovery process, I decided to look into the organization and recently became one of their volunteer ambassadors. Part of the mission of VEDA, and their ambassador team, is to raise awareness about vestibular disorders and reduce the amount of time it takes to receive a diagnosis– both of these goals strongly mirror my goals for the My Migraine Brain website. As such, My Migraine Brain is participating in VEDA’s Balance Awareness Week.

Balance Awareness Week 2015

For Balance Awareness Week 2015, My Migraine Brain has introduced a new slider– a page of which will be dedicated to bringing attention to VEDA’s educational materials. (You can find the new slider on the My Migraine Brain homepage, but the Balance Awareness Week page will only run from September 14-20th, 2015.) I’ll include links to these publications at the bottom of this post for those who are interested in learning more about vestibular disorders, balance, and VEDA in general.

Vestibular Disorders can be extremely debilitating and are remarkably difficult to diagnose. There are millions of Americans who suffer from these conditions: many of whom are undiagnosed or untreated. Join VEDA in their quest to raise awareness about these conditions by visiting the links below, sharing some of VEDA’s information on your social media pages, or contributing to VEDA’s balance awareness campaign. Thank you for reading this post! I hope you’ll be interested to learn more about VEDA and their good work.

If you’d like to visit VEDA’s homepage, click here!

For an interesting fact sheet regarding vestibular disorders, click here.

Click here for a Balance Awareness Week PDF.

And to read more about VEDA’s Balance Awareness Week, check out their page on their website.