TheraSpecs Migraine Relief Glasses: Do They Work?

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TheraSpecs Migraine Relief Glasses — Do They Work?

The modern world of fluorescent lights and digital screens is inhospitable to people with light-triggered migraines. Let’s be real, it’s barely tolerable by the non-migrainey people. But for them, the lights and screens don’t trigger symptoms oppressive enough to keep them from working. If you have chronic migraine, vestibular or otherwise, these triggering light sources can mean a legitimate inability to work or even live a “normal” life.

When I began to slowly get back to work after being homebound for 10 months by my vestibular migraine and POTS symptoms, the computer screen issue became a real problem for me. And as I finally made my way back into a fluorescent light-laden office, that problem became unbearable. The lights weren’t just a nuisance, they were triggering my migraine symptoms and causing intense dizziness, vertigo, and head pressure. My first week back to full-time work absolutely destroyed me; my eyes just couldn’t take it!

So, I started looking into my options for ways to adapt. I needed something that could effectively block the offending lights from my sensitive eyeballs. Of course, one of the first things I came across were migraine relief glasses, specifically, those offered by the brand TheraSpecs. The concept behind these glasses is that they filter the wavelengths of blue-green light, like the ones in pulsating fluorescent lights, that are known to trigger migraines and headaches.

But before I pulled the trigger, I had a few questions I wanted answers to. Now that I’ve fallen in love with my pair, I’m writing this blog post to help others who may be waiting for those same answers to get themselves some relief!

Question #1: How do TheraSpecs tinted lenses reduce migraines?

We all know that light sensitivity and migraine are closely intertwined, both as a trigger and a symptom. The people over at TheraSpecs have identified the specific wavelengths of light (between 480-500 nanometers) that are harmful to our migraine brains, and developed glasses that work to filter out those specific wavelengths.

Here’s a few stats that help explain why TheraSpecs work to reduce migraine symptoms:

  • Up to 90% of migraineurs experience light-triggered migraines or photophobia
  • TheraSpecs filter ~80% of the harmful wavelengths of blue-green light associated with migraines
  • By filtering these wavelengths, TheraSpecs can reduce migraine attack frequency by 74%!

Question #2: What is it like to wear the TheraSpecs?

It’s like your eyes are saying, “ahhhh” in absolute relief. I had no idea how tense my eyes were until I put these glasses on and felt them totally relax! Everyone who tried them on at my office said the same thing — they immediately wanted their own pairs to help with their light sensitivity.

In terms of the color, it is a little odd to be looking through rose-tinted lenses at first, but within minutes, I completely forgot I was even wearing them. And the moment I took them off at the end of the work day, I couldn’t believe how much harsh light they had been filtering!

Question #3: Do TheraSpecs glasses actually work?

For about 90% of the people who try them, yes! Think about that percentage — that’s an insanely high success rate in the world of migraine! To put that number in perspective, a migraine abortive drug like Imitrex, which is probably the most effective migraine medicine out there, is only effective in 50-70% of people who try it (Imitrex Tablet Patient Information Leaflet 13).

For me, I wouldn’t be able to work in a modern office without something to protect my eyes from the fluorescent lights and computer screens! I found that wearing my TheraSpecs glasses significantly reduced eye strain, and over the period of the last few weeks has kept sitting under fluorescent lights from being a significant trigger. When I wear no eye protection, I end the day with eye strain, pressure headaches, fatigue, and dizziness that affects me for days to come. When I wear my TheraSpecs, my eyes feel way more relaxed, and the dizziness, fatigue, and migraine is significantly improved.

Question #4: How do the glasses look?

TheraSpecs Migraine Relief Glasses Fluorescent Lights

TheraSpecs Light Filtering Migraine Relief Glasses My Migraine Brain

Yes, people can obviously tell that you’re not wearing typical glasses. Honestly, who cares! A woman who commented on the My Migraine Brain Facebook page put it best when she said that she’d wear a chicken on her head if it meant feeling better. I couldn’t agree more! This disease impacts my life so profoundly and in so many ways, I’d do anything to get relief.

And to be honest, I think the glasses actually look kind of cool. I mean, Bono AND Robert Downey Jr. wear tinted lenses! You’ve just gotta own it! If it helps your symptoms and gives you your life back, who cares what it looks like.

Question #5: Is the relief worth it price-wise?

When I was first looking into getting a pair of TheraSpecs glasses, overcoming the cost was tough for me. I mean, I’ve accumulated quite the collection of student loans and medical bills after being debilitated and incapable of working after graduating college. I don’t have money to spare, and I’ve never spent $100 on a pair of sunglasses in my life! How could I rationalize the spending?

So, I started to think about the cost of the glasses in the context of how much money I spend on my other migraine treatments. Since I first started losing control of my health back in 2011, I’ve spent thousands of dollars seeing doctors, specialists, physical therapists, getting lab work and tests done, all while trying to find a diagnosis and treatment that would help alleviate my symptoms.

In the context of all that, for the cost of just a couple of co-pays, I could find something that could make a significant difference in my life. Something that might even allow me to work in an office and support myself financially.

And this last point is the one that sealed the deal for me: TheraSpecs has a 60-day full money back guarantee. If you don’t like the glasses, or they don’t help your symptoms, you just send them back and get a refund! I wish that was the case for all the medicines and treatments I’ve tried in the past!

The Takeaway Message:

I highly encourage people with migraine and vestibular migraine alike try TheraSpecs relief glasses if you haven’t already. The odds that they’ll help are incredibly high, especially in comparison to medicinal treatments. And unlike migraine medicines where popping a pill means taking a scary side effects gamble, if you don’t like them, TheraSpecs can be taken off at a moment’s notice.

For the cost of a few co-pays, these lenses could allow you to get back to using screens, or even working in an office! And there’s no risk; if you don’t like the glasses, just return them within 60 days and get your money back! As I said before, without something to block the light emitted by harsh computer screens and fluorescent lights in my office, I would be unable to work as a vestibular migraineur.

Interested in checking out the styles or learning more? Visit the TheraSpecs shop by clicking here, or on the button below. Thank you for reading!

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Imitrex Tablet Patient Information Leaflet. 1st ed. Research Triangle Park: N.p., 2013. Web. 9 Oct. 2016.

TheraSpecs Company Overview

This review is absolutely genuine, written from the perspective of Kelley Nunn, a young woman living with vestibular migraine. The pair of TheraSpecs indoor classic glasses featured in this blog post were given free-of-charge for the purpose of review. The links to the TheraSpecs website in this blog post are non-affiliate.

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