TheraSpecs Migraine Awareness Challenge: November 2016

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TheraSpecs Migraine Awareness Challenge November 2016

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TheraSpecs Migraine Relief Glasses Office Monthly Challenge

Wearing my TheraSpecs glasses at the office

Last month, I started working full time in an office and realized that I needed to do something about my light-triggered vestibular migraines. The fluorescent lights and computer screens were wreaking havoc on my migraine brain, and I needed to find a way to adapt.

So, I went online, found TheraSpecs migraine relief glasses, and asked if they would send me a pair of glasses to test out. I wore them for a few weeks, and after I absolutely fell in love with them, I wrote up a blog post about my experience! I loved them so much, that I had an idea: What if TheraSpecs sponsored monthly awareness challenges in which people with migraine could raise awareness on social media and be entered to win a free pair of migraine relief glasses?

I pitched the idea to their company, and they were excited to get involved! TheraSpecs was founded by Hart Shafer and his wife, Kerrie Smyres of The Daily Headache, who suffers from light-triggered migraines. Since TheraSpecs’ founders know first-hand what what living with migraine is like, they want to help us raise awareness of the reality that this is so much more than just a headache.

Why Does Migraine Awareness Matter?

If you’re living with any form of migraine, vestibular, headache, or otherwise, I don’t have to tell you that there’s a huge awareness problem when it comes to this disease. Migraine is the 7th most disabling condition worldwide, and by far the #1 most disabling neurological disorder (Steiner, Stovner, and Birbeck 2013). And yet, relative to its economic impact, migraine is the least publicly funded of all neurological illnesses (Shapiro and Goadsby 2007). It’s not seen as particularly important, because it doesn’t kill you.

If you’re wondering how you could possibly make a difference in all of this, take a look at this quote from Wendy Thomas, Chief Executive of the Migraine Trust:

(Migraine) is a widespread condition, that with a small shift in public perception, could make life easier for an awful lot of people.Wendy Thomas, Chief Executive of The Migraine Trust

What this means, is that individual migraineurs who open up about what it’s like to live with migraine could make a significant difference in how the world perceives migraine. A change in public perception could mean increased funding for migraine research, and improved treatments for migraineurs like you and me.

One of the best and simplest ways to get the word out is on social media! That brings us to the monthly migraine awareness challenges.

The November 2016 TheraSpecs Awareness Challenge

November 2016 TheraSpecs Awareness Challenge Topic:
On social media, raise awareness of how migraine affects your daily life | #TheraSpecsChallenge

Let’s talk about the challenge! Here’s how it goes: Every month for the next three months, I’ll publish a blog post announcing the challenge topic. For the November challenge, all you have to do is submit a public post on social media that raises awareness of how migraine impacts your daily life.

Get creative! Remember, the idea is to get the word out; to change the stigma and the stereotype, and let the world know what living with migraine is really like. Here are some ideas of what this post could be…

  • A blog post about a day in your life with migraine
  • A picture of yourself before, during, or after a migraine
  • A creative photograph depicting an aspect of life with migraine
  • A video of you talking about how migraine impacts your life
  • A short film conveying life with your type of migraine
  • Or any other idea you come up with!

To make sure we see your post and that you get entered to win, use the hashtag #TheraSpecsChallenge and, to be extra sure that we see your post, you can tag @MyMigraineBrain and @TheraSpecs. Another way to be sure we see your submission is to make a visitor post on the My Migraine Brain Facebook page!

At the end of the month, we’ll announce a winner on the My Migraine Brain Facebook page! We’ll get in contact with you, ask which style of migraine relief glasses you’d prefer, and TheraSpecs will send them to you for free! All we ask in return is that you send us a photo of you, wearing your new glasses.

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Please Note: By submitting a post with our #TheraSpecsChallenge hashtag, you agree to have your post shared on social media by My Migraine Brain and/or TheraSpecs. We request that winners submit a photo of themselves wearing their new glasses for use in promotional materials.