Finding Support in the Vestibular Migraine Diagnosis

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Creating an Online Support Community for Vestibular Migraineurs

In honor of my two-year anniversary of becoming bedridden with vestibular migraine and POTS on May 15th, 2016, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the lack of online support communities for vestibular migraineurs. You know, places for us to come together and talk about navigating through, coping with, and thriving despite our chronic illness.

As such, I’ll be posting bi-weekly vestibular migraine discussion questions on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 9:00am EST on the My Migraine Brain Facebook page. Plus, I’ve created two new Facebook groups: Vestibular Migraine Support Group & Vestibular Migraine Positive Living.

Below, you’ll find a bit more information about each of these new avenues for online vestibular migraine support! I hope you’ll join me in creating a dynamic support network for vestibular migraineurs!

Bi-Weekly Discussion Questions on the My Migraine Brain Facebook Page

Every Monday and Wednesday morning at 9:00am EST, I’ll be posting a question just like the one to the left on our Facebook page.

You can find My Migraine Brain on Facebook to take part in the discussion! If you have a question you’d like to have asked, you can send it to me here via our contact page.

Find My Migraine Brain on Facebook

Vestibular Migraine Support Group – New on Facebook!

This group is for people who have been diagnosed with vestibular migraine/MAV/MV, or those who are searching for a vestibular diagnosis to discuss symptoms, treatments, lifestyle changes, relevant articles, etc. The primary purpose of this group is to serve as a patient support network– as ‘professional patients,’ we have so much to offer to each other!

Join the Vestibular Support Group on Facebook!

Vestibular Migraine Positive Living – Another New Support Group on Facebook!

This group is a place where migraineurs can come to share their successes, strategies, recovery milestones, tiny victories, personal goals, positive mindsets, joyful moments, and anything that simply makes us happy.

Let’s remind each other what we have to fight for, and that being healthy again and feeling normal is a possibility!

Join the Vestibular Support Group on Facebook!