Chicken, Spinach and Cheese with Roasted Carrots & Broccoli

The migraine trigger avoidance diet is thought to be one of the most effective treatments for migraines– even more so than long-term preventative medicines4; however, the relationship between food items and migraines is largely unsubstantiated in scientific research. How can that be? If certain foods give people migraines, then why can’t scientists replicate these results?

Dietary triggers won’t necessarily cause migraines by themselves, but can add to your overall trigger load. For example, onions are one of my dietary triggers. If I eat chips or salad dressing containing onion powder, I may not get a migraine. But, if I’m having a stressful week, slept only 5 hours the night before, and there’s a major storm system moving through, adding the onion powder to my already over-burdened system may cause me to break past my trigger threshold.