Down the Rabbit Hole And Back Again With VM and SSCD

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Down Rabbit Hole Vestibular Migraine SSCD Balance Disorders

The constant reverberation in my head was “what am I doing here?” It’s funny, and not “haha” funny, more like “what the heck?” funny……what life throws at you. But everyone has their respective battles, some worse than others. And these struggles change you, morph you, mold you, challenge you, make you into a different person, skew your perception of good and bad. … Read More!

Not The Normal Dizzy

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Man With Dizziness Vertigo Vestibular Migraine SSCD

I never had any health problems, nothing major at least. I’ve been blessed in that regard. However, I’ve been blessed with inner strength and boy was that tried and tested the past several years, when my husband became not so much of the person I married but a person who would have dreams of being spun backwards and wake up so dizzy he couldn’t stand up… Read More!

Growing Up With Migraines

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Tanya Crossman Then And Now Growing Up With Migraine

I started getting migraines when I was eight or nine years old, not long after the first time my family moved. They really ratcheted up the next year; I had issues with my fifth grade teacher, and the stress resulted in a particularly bad migraine year.

During migraines I went deathly pale, vomited until there was nothing left in my stomach (then vomited up bile), and despairingly cried myself to sleep as up to 12 hours of blinding pain like a vice seemed to push every other thought out of my head. … Read More!

Vestibular Migraine: The Dizzy Monster in My Spouse

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Vestibular Migraine: The Dizzy Monster In My Spouse Featured Image

“Sorry I can’t come, my husband is dizzy.” It sounds ridiculous. Why would I need to cancel something just because my husband is a bit dizzy? And people’s natural response sound ridiculous to me: “Ok, make sure he drinks enough water.” When we arrived in Australia, we expected reentry/culture shock. We knew we were going to be in a different world and that that would mean stress and disorientation… … Read More!

The Surprising Ups and Downs of Living with Vestibular Migraine

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The Winding Road: Ups and Downs of Living With Vestibular Migraine Disorder

Camille Marks shares her story about the ups and downs of living with vestibular migraine in hopes of raising awareness of this debilitating neurological disease. Learn how Camille reached the vestibular migraine diagnosis, how doctors believed a brain tumor was causing her symptoms, and what she’s learned in her life post-diagnosis. … Read More!

“Coming Out” With Vestibular Migraine

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An Open Letter to My Family & Friends About Vestibular Migraine by Jessica Jones

Instead of opening a gift for my birthday, I want to open up about something. I have a chronic vestibular disorder. I’ve unknowingly been suffering from migraines that have been damaging my balance system. I’ve been living with constant unsteady vision since 2011, and become increasingly prone to vertigo and motion sickness since I can remember. This condition has effected my entire physiology. Migraineurs don’t just lie in a dark room for hours or days and then return to normal. There are many different types of migraines and seemingly endless ways to suffer from them. … Read More!

Valerie’s Vestibular Migraine Survival Guide

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Vestibular Migraine Survival Guide

So, you have been getting vertigo, and you are beginning to suspect MAV (migraine associated vertigo)? Getting to this point has probably been a long journey of doctor’s visits– you’ve ruled out the more common causes of vertigo. The Ear, Nose & Throat Specialist tried the Epley maneuver on you a few times, the Neurologist wasn’t quite sure what was going on, and the Physical Therapist helped you deal with the symptoms, but you still don’t understand the cause. … Read More