What is a Migraine Brain?

Who Is My Migraine Brain?

My Migraine Brain is a website created by a vestibular migraineur, Kelley Nunn, with the intention of raising awareness about the prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of vestibular migraine by producing and sharing information related to the disease, and creating a patient support network for vestibular migraineurs. The My Migraine Brain website is divided into three distinct pieces:

My Migraine Blog

A collection of informative blog posts about all-things relevant to vestibular migraineurs. To see the complete list of blog posts, click here.

Vestibular Migraine Info

The “Everything Migraine” tab contains a variety of information on vestibular migraine diagnosis, symptoms, treatments, and more.

Recovery Big Year

In my Recovery Big Year blog, I discuss how my passion for adventuring in the outdoor world has inspired me to expand my physical limits.

Our Mission Is To:

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    Raise Awareness

    Increase awareness, such that undiagnosed, dizzy migraineurs can reach the vestibular migraine diagnosis. As such, we publish informative blog posts on our blog page entitled, “My Migraine Blog,” and work to create an online support community for vestibular migraineurs.

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    Share Information

    To share reliable information regarding the prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of migraine disorders for the betterment of vestibular migraineurs on My Migraine Blog and the My Migraine Brain Facebook page.

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    Support Migraineurs

    To create a patient support network of vestibular migraineurs, who support and inspire one another by discussing the day-to-day aspects of living with vestibular migraine. To learn more about these online support communities, plus where and how to join, click here.

What Is A “Migraine Brain?”

What is a Migraine Brain?What’s a migraine brain? As explained by neurologist and headache specialist, Dr. Robert Cowan, it’s a brain that’s sensitive to changes in it’s internal and external environment. “The migraine brain likes consistency. It likes to know when food’s coming in. It likes to know when exercise is coming. It likes to know what the sleep plan is.” My entire vestibular migraine recovery has been based around getting to know my migraine brain, and understanding which of these changes it’s most triggered by.

According to migraine genetics researcher Dr. Lyn Griffiths, approximately “90% of migraineurs have another close relative who suffers from migraine.” What that tells us is that migraine is strongly genetic– if a close relative has migraines, your chance of developing a migraine disorder greatly increases. Put differently, if one of these migraine genes runs in your family, you’re likely to develop a migraine brain.

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