How I Transitioned From Bedridden To Working Full Time With Vestibular Migraine in 6 Steps

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Featured Image Bedridden to Full Time - Working With Vestibular Migraine and POTS

In my time as a POTSy vestibular migraineur, I’ve read an awful lot of posts from other people who say that they’ll never be able to work again with migraine. And while I absolutely respect every person’s expectations of what they are physically capable of accomplishing in living with chronic illness, I knew that this would never be enough for me. … Read More!

Growing Up With Migraines

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Tanya Crossman Then And Now Growing Up With Migraine

I started getting migraines when I was eight or nine years old, not long after the first time my family moved. They really ratcheted up the next year; I had issues with my fifth grade teacher, and the stress resulted in a particularly bad migraine year.

During migraines I went deathly pale, vomited until there was nothing left in my stomach (then vomited up bile), and despairingly cried myself to sleep as up to 12 hours of blinding pain like a vice seemed to push every other thought out of my head. … Read More!

Vestibular Migraine: The Dizzy Monster in My Spouse

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Vestibular Migraine: The Dizzy Monster In My Spouse Featured Image

“Sorry I can’t come, my husband is dizzy.” It sounds ridiculous. Why would I need to cancel something just because my husband is a bit dizzy? And people’s natural response sound ridiculous to me: “Ok, make sure he drinks enough water.” When we arrived in Australia, we expected reentry/culture shock. We knew we were going to be in a different world and that that would mean stress and disorientation… … Read More!