Take the (Vestibular) Migraine Awareness Month Challenge

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Ask Me About Vestibular Migraine

June is (Vestibular) Migraine Awareness Month! With an estimated 6 million undiagnosed or untreated vestibular migraineurs in the U.S. alone, it’s critical that we spread the word to help reduce the unnecessary suffering endured by dizzy migraineurs. Help us in our mission to raise awareness about vestibular migraine by taking the awareness challenge! … Read More!

Picture Highlights From a Recovery Milestone Week in Birding

Kelley NunnRecovery Big Year

Kelley at the Redden State Forest Headquarters Tract Sign

As I sit down to write up this Recovery Big Year blog post, I feel stunned, shocked, and in complete awe of all that I accomplished this past week. To put the last seven days into perspective, exactly two years ago, I was homebound; too sick to walk, drive, work, socialize, or even get dressed without making myself so short of breath, dizzy, and discombobulated that I’d have to lie flat for hours. The happiness is almost unbearable. I feel so thankful for never giving up the fight, and for being so lucky to have these incredible experiences: … Read More!

Discovering the “Vestibular Migraine Experience” Device

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Beach House On Stilts - Feeling the Vestibular Migraine Sway

Recently, Excedrin Migraine came out with a new device, seen in the video above, that emulates the migraine aura experience such that non-migraineurs can experience the “more than just a headache” aspects of a migraine. And that got me thinking. It would be incredible to be able to show non-migraineurs the vestibular migraine experience! The constant rocking, not quite understanding where you are in space, difficulty walking, room spinning, etc. Imagine if our significant others, friends, family, and co-workers could actually experience these vestibular migraine symptoms! … Read More!

Finding Support in the Vestibular Migraine Diagnosis

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My Migraine Brain Facebook Page - Bi-Weekly Questions for Discussion for Vestibular Migraineurs

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the lack of online support communities for vestibular migraineurs. You know, places for us to come together and talk about navigating through, coping with, and thriving despite our chronic illness. As such, I’ve put together a few new online support groups for vestibular migraineurs to take part in discussions about our health and lives in general. Join me in creating a support network for vestibular migraineurs! … Read More!

Highlights from the 2016 Delaware Bird-A-Thon

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Kelley, Tim, Derek, and Hannah At Our Bird-A-Thon End Point -- The Woods at Middle Run Natural Area

Our 2016 Bird-A-Thon team, “The Aviators,” set out to see 150 species of birds in the state of Delaware within 24 hours. With a forecast of heavy rain and coastal flooding, we weren’t sure if we could make it. Fortunately, the conditions aligned in our favor, and we were able to blow our goal out of the water, making for an extremely fun and exciting adventure! To read the highlights of our day, check out the full story here. … Read More!