2015 Recovery Big Year Recap

Kelley NunnRecovery Big Year

Hiking at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

Birding is a remarkably motivating hobby that has prompted me to wake up before dawn to go searching for migrant songbirds, to stand in the gusty winds and heavy rains of a hurricane awaiting bird fallouts, or to scan flocks of Canada Geese for rarities in the chilling snowfall of a Nor’easter. So when it came to starting the process of recovering after being disabled for months from undiagnosed vestibular migraine and POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), looking to birding as a source of inspiration was a natural starting point. I started to think about big years, in which birders push the boundaries of how many species they can tally in a single year within a specific geographic area, and came up with the idea to push my physical limits through birding by undertaking a Recovery Big Year. … Read More

Middletown Christmas Bird Count

Kelley NunnRecovery Big Year

Snow Geese in Flight During the Middletown CBC

Every year, birders look forward to the holiday season for more than just gift giving, as Christmastime means Christmas Bird Count (CBC) season! This year, on December 27th, Bill Stewart, Hannah Greenberg, and I birded a sub-section of the Middletown CBC for a day full of fun, new experiences, and awesome birding! … Read More

The Biggest of the Big Days at Indian River Inlet

Kelley NunnRecovery Big Year

Flyover Forster's Tern at Indian River Inlet

The Delmarva Ornithological Society hosts a series of sea watches at the Indian River Inlet from November through March to count and record migrating sea birds off the coast of southern Delaware. The trip to the inlet was my best bet for reaching my goal of seeing over 250 species during my recovery big year, but at over two hours from home, I was feeling uncertain that I could make the drive. … Read More