MMB Support Group: First Meeting!

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As part of the My Migraine Brain mission and my work as a VEDA Ambassador, I am starting a migraine support group. The primary goal of this meeting is to form a local patient network, meet others suffering from migraines, swap recipes and migraine diet tips, and more! The first meeting will be held at the Hockessin Public Library from 7-8:30p. I hope that if you’re interested and able, you’ll be up for joining us! If so, shoot me an email at to let me know you’re coming. See you there! … Read More

VEDA’s Balance Awareness Week: September 14-20, 2015

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Balance Awareness Week Spinning Top

When I was first diagnosed with vestibular migraine (VM), I felt wildly overwhelmed and confused about what the condition was, why I had it, and how I was supposed to treat it; before that day, I had never even heard of VM! In the first few days after my diagnosis, I performed a simple Google search for ‘vestibular migraine,’ and came across the Vestibular Disorders Association’s (VEDA) webpage on VM, which answered many of my questions and put my mind at ease. … Read More

Food and the Brain: Why Diet May Be Contributing To Your Migraines

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Bananas as a Migraine Trigger

When I was first diagnosed with vestibular migraine, my doctor handed me a 1/4 page piece of paper with a list of about 80 foods that I needed to avoid as part of my treatment plan. The list was in alphabetical order, and contained everything from well-known migraine triggers like alcohol and caffeine to seemingly random foods like croutons and raisins. I felt completely stressed and overwhelmed. How could I possibly avoid all of these foods, and why did I have to? I began to feel like despite my best intentions, migraine triggers were hiding in everything I ate. Mealtimes became the most stressful parts of my day, and I was afraid to eat almost anything. … Read More